Lewis and Clark County commissioners OK $434,127 for Birdseye Road work

Lewis and Clark County commissioners have approved a $434,127 bid award for an asphalt overlay of about 3 miles of Birdseye Road.

Daniel Karlin, county engineer, told commissioners at their March 14 meeting that they had opened three bids for 2.7 miles of Birdseye Road from Austin Road to Three Mile Road.

The project was awarded to Helena Sand and Gravel Inc. It is expected to be completed by June 30, he said.

Karlin said the project has been undertaken in segments because it is a pricey endeavor. The funding for the project was included in the county’s road infrastructure budget.

Commissioner Andy Hunthausen said the work was an effort to build the base of a road he said was built a long time ago and would not meet today’s standards.

Karlin said a report was done years ago that found it would cost $10-$12 million for the necessary improvements to bring Birdseye Road up to standards. He said it would cost $15-$20 million today.

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