Judge affirms ouster of Michigan Republican Party leader Karamo

Kristina Karamo was properly removed as chair of the Michigan Republican Party, a judge said Tuesday, the same day that voters participated in the state’s presidential primary.

The decision against Karamo came after months of internal fighting over the financial health of the state GOP in the battleground state. Members of the state party organized a vote on Jan. 6 to oust her as leader.

Kent County Judge Joseph Rossi said the result was valid.

“Any actions of Ms. Karamo since Jan. 6, 2024, purporting to be taken on behalf of the Michigan Republican state committee are void and have no effect,” Rossi said.

The national Republican Party had also declared that Karamo was properly removed and that former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra was the new chair. Former President Donald Trump backed Hoekstra.

“It is time to unite and move forward with the business delivering the state of Michigan for our party’s presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump,” Hoekstra said

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