Iran is impotent at conventional warfare. Israel has proven it

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Israel’s recent retaliatory strike inside Iran, in response to Tehran’s unprecedented missile and drone assault on Israel proper the weekend before, was a brilliant work of what practitioners of intelligence statecraft call “strategic signaling.”

The message delivered to the ayatollahs on April 19 by the Jewish state was so daring, direct and unequivocal that it will likely compel Iran to abandon its new bold tactics of direct kinetic warfare. Jerusalem has enforced its red lines with Iran, making a successful kinetic counterattack by Iran inside Israel unlikely. Here’s why. 

Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has demonstrated to the Iranian regime that its skillfulness at bombastic rhetoric and ability to gin up anti-Israel fervor among various groups across the globe doesn’t compensate for its military’s ineptness at conventional warfare. 


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran (Getty Images)

There was a lot of drama unfolding in multiple corners of the world, with the usual theatrics coming out of Tehran. The Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee spokesman Abolfazl Amoue warned a day before Israel’s retaliation that Iran will use “weapons that we have never

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