Helena City Commission to discuss one-way roads around state capitol, angle parking

As the new Montana Heritage Center’s opening looms closer, the Helena City Commission is going to review a plan next Wednesday to consider adding one-way roads and a bike lane around the capitol complex.

Cars parked along 6th Avenue outside the Montana state Capitol in Helena.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

The price and timeline for the changes were not listed, according to the July 10 administrative meeting agenda posted by the city. The new museum will draw traffic to an already overflowing cross-section of town when it opens summer 2025, the plan predicts.

“Currently, the area around the Capitol has two-way traffic and challenging parking situations,” the agenda’s project proposal document, sent to Helena City Manager Tim Burton, said. “(The General Services Division) and the City have been collaborating on finding ideas to better optimize the traffic flow around the Capitol.”

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