Heart Butte School District welcomes a new superintendent

After a trying year, the Heart Butte School District will have a new leader. 

Nestled beneath the Rocky Mountain Front, Heart Butte anchors the southern end of the Blackfeet Reservation. The town is home to 621 people, about one-third of whom attend or work at the school district.

In January, an audit revealed the school faced $2.5 million in debt. The superintendent, caught in a scandal, was put on leave. And the board laid off 30 employees to cut costs.

Students walk through the halls at Heart Butte School in February. In January, the Heart Butte School Board announced that the school faced millions of dollars in debt, nearly half of all full-time employees would be laid off and that the school might not open in the fall.


Classes were disrupted. Students didn’t laugh or joke with each other in the hallways. Work piled up for administrators. Teachers didn’t know if they’d have a job by the end of the week, let alone the end of the school year. 

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