Has Howard Stern lost his fast ball like Biden?

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When word first broke that Joe Biden would be sitting down with Howard Stern for a live interview Friday on his SiriusXM show, it was an absolute guarantee that it would be an embarrassing T-Ball session without anything resembling a challenging question nor anything relating to the major issues that have Biden polling lower than any president since Jimmy Carter. 

And on that front, Stern delivered and then some. 

In what can only be described as the best PR any person in power could possibly ask for, the host went out of his way to repeatedly praise Biden for things like “getting the vaccine out” after COVID hit (that was Trump). Stern also claimed that Biden has “cut emissions in half” (no, he hasn’t). The former shock jock-turned-Democratic activist also falsely accused Republicans of being “pro-Putin” simply because some wanted U.S. border funding to accompany Ukraine aid. And when Biden (again) claimed he was arrested standing alongside a Black family on their porch when he was a youth, a claim that had been thoroughly debunked, Stern stayed silent. 


But that doesn’t mean there weren’t several laugh-out-loud moments, albeit of the unintentional variety:

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