Gospel on PBS Lifts Spirits

If you are tired of TV shows like “The Bachelor” where women demean themselves by competing for the “love” of a man; if you are sick of all the shootings and explosions on TV, the canned laughter on sitcoms that mostly aren’t funny (which is why they have to insert canned laughter in the first place); if you want to have your spirit lifted out of the mundane and into the heavens, there is a place you can go.


Visit PBS and the brilliant, fun, entertaining blessing you will get from watching a new docuseries called “Gospel.”

Hosted by Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., “Gospel” traces the history of gospel music, which has sustained African-Americans through toils and troubles. Gates, who has created and hosted programs examining the family history of prominent Black Americans and others, has created an uplifting program that will bless all but the hardest of hearts.

“From the blues to hip hop,” says PBS, “African Americans have been the driving force of sonic innovation for over a century. Musical styles come and go, but there’s one sound that has been a constant source of strength, courage, and wisdom on any given Sunday. GOSPEL …

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