Gianforte, Chamber of Commerce Highlight Montana’s Business Climate

Governor Greg Gianforte underscored Montana’s thriving economy and recent initiatives to enhance the state’s business environment during his address at the Big Sky, Bright Futures Economic Summit in Bozeman, where he joined the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

“With record business creation and a historically high employment rate, Montana’s economy is moving forward,” Governor Gianforte emphasized. “Thanks to our pro-business policies, we’re attracting investments across all sectors. We will continue cutting bureaucratic red tape to make Montana an even more attractive place for business and to create new opportunities for Montanans.”

Governor Gianforte discussed his priorities with Todd O’Hair, President and CEO of the Montana Chamber, outlining ongoing efforts to lower taxes, streamline regulations, attract new businesses, build the workforce, and address the state’s housing shortage.

Last spring, Governor Gianforte enacted the largest tax cut in Montana’s history, benefiting Montanans through income tax reductions and substantial property tax relief. Since assuming office, he has prioritized investments in developing a highly skilled workforce, including nearly doubling the Montana Trades Education Credit and expanding work-based learning opportunities for students statewide.

In addition to tax reforms aimed at fostering business growth and job creation, the governor has been instrumental in initiatives to tackle Montana’s housing challenges. He reconvened the Housing Task Force last October following a landmark legislative session focused on pro-housing reforms.

“This is a pivotal moment for Montana businesses,” stated Todd O’Hair. “Our state’s unique opportunities are increasingly attracting companies, positioning Montana as a premier destination for growth. To sustain this momentum, we must address critical issues such as housing and childcare.”

Governor Gianforte also highlighted Montana’s comprehensive energy policy during a fireside chat with Nancy Murray, President of BHE Montana, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiary. Earlier that day, BHE Montana announced significant investments in two new renewable energy projects in the state: a 100-megawatt solar installation in north central Montana and a 75-megawatt battery in Ethridge. These projects aim to enhance the local energy grid’s reliability and sustainability.

“We are excited to expand our investments in Montana’s energy resources,” Murray remarked. “These projects demonstrate our commitment to supporting local businesses and communities while advancing a clean and resilient energy future.”

Governor Gianforte affirmed, “Montana remains at the forefront of energy innovation, guided by our all-of-the-above energy policy. We will continue prioritizing affordability and reliability while welcoming investments like those from BHE Montana.”

Enhancing Montana’s business environment and fostering opportunities for its residents remain top priorities for the Gianforte administration.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff