Daily Mail Published Nude Photos of Katie Hill. Now She Has to Pay Them $100k

Former SoCal Congresswoman Katie Hill has been dealt another blow in her lawsuit against her ex-husband and two media companies for publishing nude photos of her without her consent. On Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yolanda Orozco ordered Hill to pay British tabloid the Daily Mail $103,625 in attorneys’ fees and $1,120 in costs, the Daily News reports.

This follows Orzoco’s April ruling to dismiss the Mail as a defendant in the case, in which Hill sued the paper along with ex-husband Kenny Heslep and conservative media outlet RedState, arguing that publishing the compromising photos—allegedly provided by Heslep—constituted “revenge porn,” which is illegal in 46 states, including California, plus Washington, D.C. Hill made the decision to resign her District 25 seat in October 2019, after the the photos were published, sparking an ethics probe into sexual impropriety.