Antisemitism at Columbia, Yale and NYU isn’t free speech, it’s a pro-Hamas mob

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Let’s be clear.  What’s happening at Columbia, Yale, Michigan, New York University and other college campuses around the country isn’t a protest: it’s a violent, pro-Hamas mob threatening and attacking Jewish students by spreading antisemitic hate.  This has no place in America, and no university should permit this harassment on its campus.

By now, many have seen and heard the horrific chants of “death to America,” “from the river to the sea,” or “10,000 more October 7th’s.”  We have also seen the acts of violence against Jewish students by protesters on several college campuses. 

We must take antisemitism seriously. Since the horrific attacks on October 7 by Hamas on innocent Jews and others that killed over 1,200 and resulted in the taking of over 200 hostages, incidents of antisemitic hate have increased over 360% in the United States, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  That is why we should not treat antisemitic hate speech as free speech.


Allowing any quarter for antisemitic speech here in America makes us no better than Germany in 1933.  While good people can disagree on the plans or prospects for peace between Israel and

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