Tim Sheehy Resigns as CEO of Bridger Aerospace

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy is stepping down as CEO of Bridger Aerospace, the company he founded a decade ago. In a news release dated July 1, 2024, Bridger Aerospace

announced that Sheehy would resign from both his role as CEO and his position on the company’s board of directors.

Based in Belgrade, Montana, Bridger Aerospace specializes in aerial firefighting. Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL, established the company in 2014 after concluding his active-duty military service. The company’s mission focuses on saving lives and protecting property through innovative aerial firefighting techniques.

In the news release, Sheehy expressed confidence in Bridger Aerospace’s leadership team and its ongoing mission. “The leadership team at Bridger Aerospace, supported by our experienced board, will continue to excel at its core mission; saving lives and protecting property,” Sheehy stated. He emphasized that the company requires a fully dedicated CEO, particularly during the demanding fire season. “This exceptional team deserves a fully focused CEO during its busy fire season. Now that I have won the primary election, it is appropriate for me to allow our leadership team to focus on their duties. I look forward to watching their continued success.”

Sheehy also noted his continued involvement with Bridger Aerospace as an active pilot while serving as CEO. This hands-on approach has been a hallmark of his leadership style, contributing to the company’s growth and success over the years.

Jeffrey Kelter, executive chairman of Bridger Aerospace, praised Sheehy’s efforts in building a strong management team. “Tim has worked tirelessly since he founded Bridger to build an industry-leading management team, including individuals with strong aviation, corporate, and military backgrounds,” Kelter said. He added that the board is confident in the executive team’s ability to manage the company’s fleet of aircraft and execute its vision. “As a result of this effort, the Board is confident in the ability of the Company’s executive team to continue to operate our fleet of aircraft to execute the Company’s vision.”

Kelter revealed that the company had been preparing for Sheehy’s potential departure since last year when Sheehy announced his Senate candidacy. This foresight ensured a smooth transition and stability within the company’s operations. Bridger Aerospace announced that Sam Davis, who has served as the company’s chief of staff, would take over as interim CEO. “With his operating experience and long history with Bridger, we expect a smooth transition and remain well-positioned to achieve our growth objectives,” said Kelter.

The company also mentioned that a board committee would initiate a search for a new permanent CEO. This search aims to find a leader who can continue to advance Bridger Aerospace’s innovative approaches to aerial firefighting and maintain its commitment to protecting communities from wildfires.

By: Politics 406 staff