GREG GUTFELD: Carl Heastie is holding us ‘captive’ to progressive delusions about crime and no punishment

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Here in New York, police arrested eight illegal aliens on charges of attempted murder, drugs, theft, trespassing and child endangerment, and while that sounds like the usual big city mayhem or a typical flight on Spirit Air, what happened after shows you why you get a whole lot of crime when you take away the punishment. 

Cops on a gun run in the Bronx saw a man standing in a driveway pointing a pistol at another man. They chased the perp into the home’s basement, where a subsequent search warrant netted cocaine, ketamine and four more guns. 

There was also a 7-year-old child living there. I doubt those guns and drugs were the kid’s, but if they were, he is so grounded. As it turns out, the occupants were illegals from Venezuela, squatters who the landlord had been in court trying to evict. 

The cops arrested all of them, including the original perp who had an open attempted murder case. Another was out on bail on a loaded gun charge. Suffice to say, this was not a meeting of Oprah’s Book Club. But before you could shout “defund the cops” three times in a mirror,

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