ZooMontana Will Transform ‘Ugliest Area’ of Zoo Into Foster Waterfowl Refuge

A concept video was unveiled yesterday by ZooMontana, showing planned upgrades on the 70-acre complex that will turn the “ugliest” area of the property, into the “most striking.”

According to a post on the ZooMontana Facebook page, it’s taken “nearly 15 years” for the zoo to have this growth opportunity, and “thanks to some incredible gifts” that have been given, they are able to begin creating the Foster Waterfowl Refuge.

ZooMontana says the design concept for this habitat will be “a native fish refuge and a natural flythrough for migrating waterfowl.” In a virtual fly-over video of the future Foster Waterfowl Refuge shared by the zoo on their social media pages, it shows several bridges, observation decks, and trails around the planned habitat.
The zoo also said that interpretive signage, and an underwater fish viewing area are planned around the Refuge.

ZooMontana says the Foster Waterfowl Refuge will be a “multi-sensory, immersive experience,” and they are “beyond excited” to bring the new habitat to Billings.

No date was given on when Refuge construction will begin, or when it may be completed, but ZooMontana said they will be announcing more soon about the “gifts” that were given to make this new habitat possible.

ZooMontana is a zoological/botanical garden, accredited arboretum and educational facility in Billings Montana. We are dedicated

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