ZooMontana welcomes two wolverine kits, the first born at the zoo

Billings Gazette

ZooMontana welcomes two wolverine kits, the first wolverines born at ZooMontana

Ahmari, one of ZooMontana’s two wolverines, gave birth to two kits on Jan. 31, the first wolverines to be born at ZooMontana.

The kits were first heard by animal caregivers and later found nursing in a den created in a hollowed-out log. The two babies appear healthy and are being well cared for by the new mother. Father Sid is interested but is being kept at a distance by Ahmari.

Lead caregiver in the area, Melissa Eschenbrenner, is thrilled with the birth.

“We are cautiously watching the kits from a distance, but mom is doing a great job”, said Eschenbrenner. “As one of the few U.S zoological parks that have been successful with wolverine births this year, we’re pretty proud of Ahmari.”

Wolverine kits are born completely white, blind and weigh less than 1 pound. They will wean within 10 weeks, developing rapidly and reaching adult size by the end of the year.

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