Zinke visits Yellowstone, gets update on flood recovery, park issues

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholly gives a tour to U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke of flood damage to the North Entrance Road in Yellowstone on Thursday.

Samuel Wilson/Chronicle/Report for America

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Many of the roads damaged by spring flooding in Yellowstone National Park have been repaired, but one acted as a reminder of the sheer power of the raging floodwaters.

A portion of the old northern entrance road that led into the park appeared trapped in time since the waters of the Yellowstone River washed out a curved section of the roadway. A wastewater drain pipe jutted out an exposed portion of what was once the roadbed.

The North Entrance Road in Yellowstone National Park drops into the Gardner River on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Flooding in June 2022 made the road impassable.

Samuel Wilson/Chronicle/Report for America

That pipe once carried thousands of gallons of wastewater from Mammoth Hot Springs, and is another problem that the park

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