Youngkin prepares to wade into national politics

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is preparing to take a step into national politics by launching a pair of new political groups ahead of the midterm election.

Youngkin’s new operation will allow him to wade into gubernatorial races across the country on behalf of GOP candidates. Youngkin can also use the apparatus to target a pair of Democratic House members in Virginia whom Republicans are looking to unseat.

While the recently elected Youngkin has yet to declare any interest in running for president in 2024, his decision to set up a political vehicle is a natural one for a politician looking to expand his brand and forge alliances nationally. Youngkin made inroads in Democratic-leaning suburban areas in last year’s Virginia election by focusing on coronavirus restrictions and education — issues he conceivably could inject into races outside his home state.

Kristin Davison, a senior adviser for Youngkin’s political operation, said the

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