Young Marines Banquet and Gun Auction This Saturday in Billings

If you would like to help out a group of young men who are on their way to being marines when they get old enough. This Saturday is the Young Marines Banquet and auction at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center at 1223 Mullowney Lane. Information Here

What I really want you people to know (especially you GUN people) is that there are some awesome firearms up for grabs this Saturday night.

Let’s start with a Tippman Elite AR – 22. It’s chambered in .22 which is still one of the few calibers that are affordable to spend an afternoon plinking.

Another gun on the AR platform is a Custom Fire Dragon chambered in 556/223.

Then there are a couple of commemorative Glock pistols including an American Freedom Edition Glock 19. It’s “pretty meets pew, pew, pew”. And you can justify it to your wife by telling her that it’s for a good cause. And there will be other guns auctioned off.

They have given us several tickets to give away. So, if you’d like to attend, leave a message and the tickets will go out on a first-come. first-served basis. And if you want to buy tickets, they are forty dollars apiece.

All of the

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