You Say You Want a Civil War?: An Interview with Historian and Novelist H. W. Crocker III

Harry Crocker and I go way back, to our undergraduate days at UC San Diego where he was a founder of the conservative student newspaper, the California Review, that I later helped edit. Harry has been a journalist, a political speechwriter for California Governor Pete Wilson, a longtime editor of bestsellers at Regnery Publishing (Full Disclosure: Including mine), and, most important, a popular military historian and novelist. His latest book, launching Tuesday, September 20, 2022, is Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery, the final installment in a trilogy that includes Armstrong and Armstrong Rides Again!, a highly praised series about George Armstrong Custer surviving the Battle of the Little Bighorn and fighting bad guys around the world, under the assumed name of Marshal Armstrong Armstrong. As a former cavalry commander myself, though with nowhere near as fabulous hair as Custer, I had to learn more:

KS: So, Harry, what’s Custer up to now?

HC: Well, as you would expect, he ends up fighting a war—a flat out war—to save America and Western Civilization, but it starts out innocently enough with a mysterious gunman meeting him in a club and inviting him to join an expedition to find a lost treasure in Mexico. 

KS: That’s

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