Yellowstone's Northeast Entrance road reopens following swift repairs of June flood damage

As a front-end loader, road grader and dozers hummed busily moving dirt across a steep hillside above a newly built section of road, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholly smiled in admiration.

“What did I tell you,” he said, noting two previous sections of the Northeast Entrance Road that were washed out by Soda Butte Creek on June 13, although heavily damaged each, couldn’t compare to the destruction and repairs in this section of road near the Trout Lake trailhead.

Initially, three sections of temporary bridge were considered to span this portion of the washed out road to ensure a quick repair. Instead, engineers settled on carving back the hillside, diverting the creek and repairing the damaged road.

“Degree of difficulty-wise, this was the most difficult repair,” Sholly said.

Soda Butte Creek had to be rerouted following the flooding in sections where it had migrated into and destroyed the old roadbed.

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