Yellowstone reopens to visitors after historic flooding

Nicole Pollack Casper Star-Tribune

The southern half of Yellowstone National Park reopened to the public as planned at 8 a.m. today, a week and a half after it closed due to severe flooding.

Cars were backed up half a mile from the East Gate, outside Cody, an hour before the park opened. The first RV to arrive — driven from Michigan by a family of six — had been parked in front of the gate since 10 the night before.

It was barely above freezing near the entrance, and many of the tourists meandering near the line wore winter coats or clutched blankets around their shoulders. Others huddled in their cars, turning them off to conserve gas and on again when it got too cold.

Cars wait outside Yellowstone’s East Entrance on Wednesday morning as the park reopens to visitors for the first time since historic flooding forced a temporary closure.

Madeline Carter, Star-Tribune

Rangers surveyed the line, checking in with people who had odd-numbered license plates (which are only allowed inside the park on odd-numbered days, as part of an

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