Yellowstone reopening set for Wednesday

Yellowstone National Park will partially reopen Wednesday, nine days after catastrophic flooding prompted officials to close all entrances to the park.

Visitors will be allowed on the park’s southern loop beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday, the National Park Service said in an announcement Saturday. That loop can be accessed from the East, West and South entrances and includes sites such as Old Faithful.

The northern portion of the park is expected to remain closed for the remainder of the summer, if not longer. Because only part of the park will be available to visitors, park officials have devised a plan to deal with capacity issues on the southern loop.

The interim visitor plan will use a license plate system to decide on entry to the park. Visitors will be allowed in on odd or even days on the calendar corresponding to the last digit of their license plate. 

“It is impossible to reopen only one loop in the summer without implementing some type of system to manage visitation,” Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholley said in a statement. “My thanks to our gateway partners and others for helping us work out an acceptable temporary solution for the south loop while we continue our efforts to reopen

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