Yellowstone pronghorn book details struggle to survive

Yellowstone National Park’s pronghorn herd was teetering on the brink of extinction in 2002 when a panel of scientists published their review of the park’s management of hoofed animals.

A new book on pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park has been published, highlighting the animal’s history and the challenges they face.


The findings prompted a “rigorous monitoring program to estimate reproduction, survival, recruitment, and age structure. They also recommended identifying and monitoring movement routes, fawning areas, and segments of the population using different fawning areas.”

For the next two decades the National Park Service worked with a variety of partners on the research, the results of which are now available via bookstores or in a free online book at Titled “Yellowstone pronghorn: Recovering from the brink of extirpation,” the 100 pages of photos, study highlights and footnotes provides a comprehensive insight into one of the park’s more overlooked megafauna. When compared to iconic species like grizzly bears, elk and bison, pronghorn are largely ignored by tourists. Yet they are a fascinating animal.

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