Yellowstone opens to limited cycling on Friday, April 7 (IR print copy)

Some Yellowstone spring cyclists wear costumes to celebrate the unique trip.

BRETT FRENCH, Billings Gazette

Break out your pink tutu or favorite bison hat, spring cycling season is opening today in Yellowstone National Park, a cause for celebration.

Beginning April 7, bicyclists willing to brave the unpredictable weather of spring can ride 49 miles between the West Entrance in West Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs.

The following roads between the West Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs will open to bicycling: West Entrance to Madison Junction; Madison Junction to Norris Junction; Norris Junction to Mammoth Hot Springs.

As conditions allow, bicycles will also be permitted from the East Entrance to the east end of Sylvan Pass (6 miles). Check the biking web page for updates.

Bicycles are not allowed on the remaining park roads until they start to open to public automobiles at 8 a.m. Friday, April 21. 

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