Yellowstone officials: Park's north entrance may reopen this summer


GARDINER – Plans are in motion to have Yellowstone National Park’s North Entrance open to visitors and tour concessionaires sometime this summer.

“It’s going to be a summer of adjustments,“ said park Superintendent Cam Sholly said Sunday.

The news came less than a week after a historic flood wiped out sections of roadway in the park’s northern half, cutting off the headquarters from the nearby community of Gardiner and temporarily isolating two gateway communities.

“This town in the next 48 hours will see … one of the best road construction companies … that is coming to work on both ends of the old Gardiner Road to make improvements,” Sholly said. “Our goal will be to improve that road substantially over the next couple of months. It’s about as fast as you can mobilize a plan for a new road.”

National Park Service Director Chuck Sams III attended the press conference where the announcement was made. He praised Yellowstone’s staff for its response to the emergency and promised federal help to speed repair work.

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