‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can Rejoice! More Prequels Are Coming

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is far from done with pumping out prequels and spinoffs from the epic cowboy drama, according to statements made by the man himself on Wednesday.

Sheridan has been pretty silent during the ongoing gossip storm that erupted from the set of “Yellowstone” at some point in 2022. Some folks think it started with the show’s lead, Kevin Costner, being told to quit the show by his now-estranged wife (allegedly). Others only just caught wind of the off-screen drama thanks to news that “Yellowstone” will be concluding a season early.

But we no longer have to worry about losing out on the full story behind the fictional Dutton-Yellowstone Ranch, because there is still so much more to come. During a surprise and rare tell-all interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sheridan finally spilled on what fans can expect next.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Gives Rare Comment On Kevin Costner Chaos | ⁦@DailyCallerhttps://t.co/WyobLKWYoa

— KAY SMYTHE (@KaySmythe) June 21, 2023

Matthew McConaughey is in the final stages of negotiations to star in a “Yellowstone”-titled prequel or spinoff series. It was initially suggested that cast from the original show would join McConaughey, but Sheridan was cryptic about this.


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