‘Yellowstone’ Execs Hated Beth Dutton. We Bet We Know Why

“Yellowstone” executives apparently hated Kelly Reilly’s character of Beth Dutton, so much so that the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, lost out on a potentially major network deal just to keep her in the series. And we couldn’t be more appreciative.

What do wannabe powerful men hate more than each other? Powerful women. And the most powerful fictional woman is none other than Beth Dutton, the modern day matriarch of the Yellowstone-Dutton ranch in Taylor Sheridan’s hit series “Yellowstone.” As much as Beth might hate being part of the Dutton family, her attitude has spawned a whole new way to look at the way women are portrayed in the media.

It turns out that “Yellowstone” was almost an HBO show before it became the game-changing series for Paramount+. Sheridan told The Hollywood Reporter that HBO “took issue” with Beth.

“‘We think she’s too abrasive,’” Sheridan claims the execs told him. “‘We want to tone her down. Women won’t like her.’ They were wrong because Beth says the quiet part out loud every time. When someone’s rude to you in a restaurant, or cuts you off in the parking lot, Beth says the thing you wish you’d said.” And we love her for

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