Yellowstone bison carcass disposal breeds unique partnerships


A bison travels past a number of others resting on a hillside at Yellowstone National Park on March 31. What to do with bison carcasses left behind by hunters outside the park has become a difficult dilemma.

This map shows the travels of a GPS-collared bison cow over the course of one year.

Brett French

A shared interest in bison migrating into the Gardiner Basin has created a unique partnership.

A group of bison carcass recyclers, known as the Buffalo Bridge Project, has garnered the attention of the InterAgency Bison Management Plan. IBMP is composed of federal, state and tribal officials who work together on Yellowstone bison management issues, and assisted in some of their tasks by members of conservation groups.

Since 2013, Buffalo Bridge has provided a unique service in the Gardiner

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