Wyoming Officials Push For Growth In Tourism

Tourists spent $3.6 billion in Wyoming last year, but the state’s second-largest industry could use some help.

“We’re really looking for tourism to become more competitive with our surrounding states so can make sure that Wyoming is getting our slice of the pie, and growing the visitor economy and driving more traffic to the businesses in the state,” said Chris Brown, executive director of the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association and the Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition.

The visitor economy is the second largest collector of sales and use tax, about $185 million a year, Brown said. It’s also the largest private sector employer of non-farm jobs — 32,000 full- and part-time — in the state, he added.

“So finding a dedicated and more competitive funding source for the state’s marketing program and growing the visitor economy really is a win-win for the private sector and the state,” Brown said.