Wyoming High School Student Arrested after Refusing to Wear Mask on Campus

(pinkomelet/Getty Images)

A female high school student in Wyoming was arrested Thursday for trespassing on campus after she was suspended for non-compliance with the K-12 mask mandate imposed by the Albany County School District last month.

Grace Smith, a junior at Laramie High School, told Republican state Senator Anthony Bouchard in a video interview that she was escorted away from school property by law enforcement in handcuffs for entering the premises after being suspended. After receiving a citation, and still refusing to leave when asked, police arrested and forcibly removed Smith from school grounds.

The interaction between Smith and police officers was civil as they placed her into custody for disobeying orders.

In the video, her father Andy Smith defended his daughter’s civil disobedience, claiming the school district is infringing on his parenting liberty as well as his daughter’s right to a quality education.

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