Wyoming Game and Fish issues fish consumption guidelines to avoid mercury

Wyoming Game and Fish

If you want to avoid eating Wyoming fish with high levels of mercury, dine on the smallest trout, freshwater drum and kokanee salmon.

That’s the latest advice from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Wyoming Department of Health. The agencies recently issued updated guidelines for Wyoming anglers meant to limit mercury consumption.

The guidelines are especially important for pregnant women since mercury can harm the development of an unborn child. Women who are breastfeeding and children under 12 are also more susceptible. There are no restrictions on consumption for males over age 12.

The guidelines categorize recommendations by species of fish and size into “best,” “good” and “choicest to avoid” categories. The guidelines recommend up to two to three servings of fish a week from the “Best Choices” list or one serving from the “Good Choices” list. Children can have up to two servings of fish a week from the “Best Choices” list. Recommendations couple with serving sizes based on age. 

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