Wrong for Montana asks Supreme Court to Remove I-190 from Ballot

A group opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana plans to ask the Montana Supreme Court to remove I-190 from the ballot because it violates the Montana Constitution.

Steve Zabawa of Wrong for Montana set out the purpose of the lawsuit.

“We have prepared this lawsuit and we are in the process of filing it,” said Zabawa. “Brian Thompson at BKBH is our attorney, and we’re going to ask that the Supreme Court of Montana remove this thing because it is a flawed initiative. According to the Montana constitution, article three section four, you cannot allocate the revenue from an initiative, as the funds must be allocated from the general fund by the Montana Legislature.”

Zabawa said, in his view, New Approach Montana, the group behind I-190, clearly does not understand Montana law.

“A group that hides information, tells lies and clearly doesn’t understand how state government works is pushing an agenda with an ulterior motive; greed. The prime purpose behind efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in our state is to make money for big corporations who will eliminate small business dispensaries and lure tourists to our state for the sole purpose of purchasing pot and getting high.”

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