Work underway for UND's 2024 accreditation process

That process comes around once every 10 years for universities, and requires a self-assessment that is years-long in the making. Writing teams are seeking out references and compiling sources to create an “assurance argument” which will be presented to the Higher Learning Commission, a college and university accrediting organization. HLC covers universities in a 19-state area, including North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

“I am proud of the work happening across the entire campus as part of the HLC reaffirmation process,” UND President Andrew Armacost told UND Today. “This is an important evaluation of our university that will help showcase the great things happening at UND and provide learning opportunities for our growth as a campus.”

According to UND Today, the university has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education through this process since 1913. UND was last reaccredited in 2014.

Six volunteer writing teams made up of 33 faculty and staff members are scouring the campus for evidence related to the teams’ respective goals. They’ll conduct a headcount of the university, and essentially document everything that has happened at UND for the last 10 years. The writing teams will ultimately create a document that cannot exceed 35,000 words,

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