Women Play an Important Role in Vietnam – and They Want to Be Rich

In September 2021, Ipsos MORI conducted a representative survey of the population of Vietnam aged 18 and over. One of the survey’s questions was “For some people, it is important to be rich. How important, if at all, is it for you personally to be rich?” In response, 39 percent of Vietnamese interviewees said it is “very important” for them to be rich and as many as 37 percent said it is “fairly important.” Only 7 percent said it is “not very important” for them to be rich, while a mere 1 percent said it is “not at all important.” Expressing a neutral opinion, 16 percent said it is “neither important nor unimportant” for them personally to be rich. 

Overall, 76 percent of Vietnamese respondents agree that being rich is important to them. This compares with an average of just 28 percent in Western countries (the U.S. and Europe), 43 percent in Japan and 50 percent in China. At the same time, Vietnam is the only surveyed country in which women are even more likely than men to want to be rich: 80 percent of Vietnamese women and 72 percent of Vietnamese men say they want to be rich.

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