Women emerged as ConCon delegates from changing times, 'rich, cultural stew'

Phil Drake

A state senator said it is extra special the Montana Constitution is getting the attention from the public during its 50th anniversary celebration as the document is facing challenges.

There are 20 pieces now before the supreme court around constitutionality and “never before in our history have we had a sitting legislator refer to the constitution as a ‘socialist rag,’ that needs to be tossed out,’’ she said. “I will tell you that in my belief the Constitution is in serious danger of perhaps even being repealed.”

Sands spoke Thursday at the Montana Historical Society and gave the third of four lectures during May on the 1972 Constitutional Convention, also known as ConCon.  

She said it is up to all to protect and defend the Constitution, but earlier in her speech referenced her concerns that the document was under some scrutiny.

In late 2021, GOP state Rep. Derek Skees said in late 2021 the Constitution’s right of privacy clause gave state courts a legal basis for blocking new abortion restrictions and calling the document a “socialist rag” that should be replaced.

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Sands, a Democrat from Missoula,

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