Woke Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

When I was a kid, probably 12 or so, I convinced my parents to get me a subscription to Sports Illustrated. I loved collecting baseball cards, playing the game with friends, and the Detroit Tigers weren’t too terrible (at the time), so getting my hands on as much information about baseball in an era before the Internet meant SI was about the only game in town. That it came with the annual swimsuit issue was just a bonus. What has happened to that “bonus” in recent years is yet another piece of proof that leftists will, if left unchecked, eventually ruin everything.

Kathy Ireland, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Elle MacPherson, Kate Upton, etc., etc., are known today, to one degree or another, because of their work in the swimsuit issue. The concept of supermodels comes from the speculation as to who would grace the cover each year. Before that, models, by and large, were irrelevant. Sure, someone would break through every once in a while – Christie Brinkley comes to mind – but they were the exception, not the rule.

Sports Illustrated not only made models a household name, it helped them make fortunes for themselves and all the other

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