With New Hospitalization Record – Health Officer Issues New Plea

A new record of COVID 19 case hospitalizations was set over the weekend, according to Missoula City County Health Director D’Shane Barnett.

“Unfortunately, we have more individuals hospitalized now than we ever have as a result of COVID, which means they’re in there either directly because of COVID or COVID is actively contributing to them being in the hospital,” said Barnett. “And so, as of today, that number reached 50. And that’s more than it’s ever gotten to before.”

In addition, 1,386 residents currently have the virus and the average daily new cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days reached a new height of 89.

Barnett said both Missoula hospitals full to capacity.

“Our hospitals actually have now for about the last week or two really been stretched as far as their personnel capacity,” he said. “The issue is that you need people to take care of people and our health system both at St. Pat’s and Community Medical Center is just strained, and we have way too many sick people in the hospital than we have the manpower and personnel to adequately treat them.”

Barnett said the Health Department’s website has recorded interview with hospital personnel who described the difficulties involved with

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