With her house swept away by the Yellowstone flood, Gardiner woman seeks belongings


Thirty miles downriver from where their home was swept away by the Yellowstone River on June 13, Victoria and TJ Britton found their suitcase on a boat ramp. In it were precious wedding and family photos.

A riverside landowner called the couple after noting the luggage tag with their name. 

Victoria also posted her phone number on the Park County Flooding Facebook site along with a plea for anyone finding clothes or household items to let her know.

“Right now, even pieces of clothing or parts of the house mean so much,” she wrote on Facebook.

“We lost everything,” she said Tuesday in a telephone interview. “All kinds of things, big or small, mean the world right now.”

Some of their possessions are undoubtedly buried under the piles of sand, trees and brush stacked up where the river pooled, eddied or pushed its debris into fields.

“We lost everything,” she said. “It’s really heart-breaking.”

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So if you see shoes, clothes, tools or kitchen items along the Yellowstone’s riverbanks, Victoria would like them back.

After collapsing into the Yellowstone

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