Winter weather has pronghorns moving; motorists should use caution

Pronghorns are on the move, thanks to winter weather, drifting and snow. Motorists are urged to use caution when driving.

Brett French

GLASGOW – Although the pronghorn (commonly known as antelope) hunting season is over, they are still on the move.

Recent winter weather in Montana has triggered antelope into migration mode, with them often moving south. Frequently, this leads to large groups attempting to cross highways and other major roadways, and motorists should be aware.

As most folks know, antelope aren’t the best at crossing fences or other barriers. Many times, this results in groups or individuals running next to a barrier or crossing back and forth looking for an easier path.

Barriers come in all shape and sizes and can be manmade or naturally occurring on the landscape. Some of the most common barriers include highways and other roads, railroads, fences and even river corridors. Not all barriers impede movements at the same rate. For instance, some fences allow for pronghorn and other wildlife to cross through them much easier than others, while some are almost impermeable.

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