Will We Ever Know the Truth in Montana Behind the COVID Numbers & Payouts?

Over the past few mornings, we have been raising some interesting questions about COVID-19 and if we will ever really know the truth behind the numbers.

How many of the 830,000 deaths were actually the direct result of the virus?

Here’s a big one: Will we ever know the truth behind the money being paid out?

Will anyone ever be able to look at the books of places like Riverstone Health or the Clinic in Billings to see how much they are receiving from the COVID program?

I just got the printout from my insurance company which paid $210 for my son’s shot. I personally know loved ones of people who have died who were given the option to get paid if they list COVID as a cause of death on a death certificate.

Former Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen, who is also a physician, said on Fox News that if a person is admitted to a hospital for a straightforward garden variety pneumonia, the lump sum Medicare payment typically would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID it’s $13,000 and if they end up on a ventilator it’s $39,000.

Does anyone know where the $46 million went that Billings school district 2 got?

According to Johns Hopkins, there have been over 510 million

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