Will This Column Be Banned?


Posted: Jul 21, 2021 5:05 PM

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The Biden Administration has admitted, proudly admitted, that they are colluding with social media companies to flag content they consider to be misinformation so that those posts can be deleted and removed from circulation. 

In other words, the executive branch of the United States federal government is censoring our speech. 

Most insidiously, they aren’t even leaving their fingerprints at the scene of the censorship crime. They are directing their toadies in Big Tech to do their dirty work for them. And Mark Zuckerberg (you know, the guy whose social media creation is “killing people”) is gladly doing the bidding of his powerful pals. After all, that’s literally how oligarchies work. 

Within days of the chilling boast, a sitting congresswoman was banned from Twitter for posting about Covid-19 and vaccine policies. 

Twitter claimed the tweets were “misleading” and tagged them with a disclaimer to that effect. 

Here’s what she posted:  

The controversial #COVID19 vaccines should not be forced on our military for a virus that is not

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