Will the 'Great Replacement' Smear Work?

The actions and written motivations of an evil, crazed mass shooter in Buffalo, New York earlier this month has forced the purportedly white nationalist phrase “Great Replacement Theory” to the forefront of the public consciousness. Ever true to form, the political left sees this as an opportunity to tarnish the right with the “white nationalist” label, seizing on aspects of the conspiracy theory that on the surface, if twisted enough, might seem remotely like things they’ve heard Fox News host Tucker Carlson and other conservative media and politicians say.

It’s completely dishonest, of course, but when has the left ever let actual facts get in the way of the opportunity for a good smear? To a *real* white nationalist, the “Great Replacement Theory” apparently involves a Jewish conspiracy to somehow “replace” white people with minorities. The wide brush they paint with is as nonsensical as the left smearing anyone who criticizes leftist billionaire George Soros as “antisemitic.” Pointing out evil from someone of Jewish descent is NOT antisemitism, obviously, but claiming Jews as a group are somehow “responsible” for some societal ill most certainly is. So we’ll go ahead and repudiate that from the start.

Further, the establishment media correctly

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