Will Moms Now Be Listed on FBI’s Most Wanted List?

It is hard to believe moms have now become the target of the U.S. government, but in our rapidly declining culture, every day seems to bring a new crazy. As the president of Moms for America we hear from moms all over the country who are angry and frustrated with the unrelenting authoritarian march endangering our children and completely disregarding our fundamental rights as parents. 

As more and more moms show up to school board meetings protesting mask mandates, graphic sexual content labeled as curriculum, and critical race theory which teaches our children to hate their country, hate their neighbor and hate themselves, school board representatives have become increasingly uneasy. They expected this “defiance” to be short lived. They assumed we’d show up say our piece and then just go back to our lives acquiescing to the new rules, because historically, that’s what we’ve done.  But they seriously underestimated a mother protecting her young. Moms of all ages, races, ethnicities, and incomes flooded school board meetings in every state.  Instead of going away, we grew in numbers. School board members became increasingly annoyed and agitated by all these parents interfering with their meetings.  Enter: The National School Boards Association (NSBA).


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