Will Blue State Governors Ever Relinquish Their COVID States of Emergency?


Posted: Sep 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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Despite the majority of the U.S working to reestablish normalcy post-pandemic, several blue states are refusing to end the COVID state of emergency. 

With the CDC’s recent update on COVID guidelines and data clearly showing decreasing cases, states like New York and California are choosing against right reason to force their people to live as if the pandemic had never ended.  

This is problematic simply because imposing a state of emergency only serves to remedy an actual emergency, not something done on a whim or to secure more power. Regardless of personal opinions on vaccines, the length of the pandemic, or other COVID policies, you have to acknowledge the fact that we are not currently in an emergency situation. 

From the downward trend in cases and weakening strains of COVID resulting in less serious illness to the upward trend in people and businesses safely returning to normal activity, the data all shows

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