WILFORD: The IRS’s Delays Are Costing You Money

If you’ve managed to have the IRS accept your tax return and issue you a refund, consider yourself fortunate. Other taxpayers haven’t been as lucky, and it’s costing them — and you! — money.

I warned back in February that this would be a rough tax season. At that point, the IRS was dealing with a backlog of several million unprocessed returns, chronic failures to respond to taxpayer correspondence and confusion brought on by the advance Child Tax Credit — confusion that the IRS only exacerbated by sending many taxpayers the wrong information about how much money that had received from the credit.

So it is hardly a surprise that a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the independent government watchdog, found much to be desired in the IRS’s operations. As of the end of April, the IRS still had 9.6 million unprocessed returns, including some dating back to tax year 2020. Taxpayers also reported frustration with the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund” feature, which provides information on their refund’s status but does not explain why a refund is delayed.

But the report also showed that the IRS’s failures are costing taxpayers more than just their time and mental well-being. That’s

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