Wild horses touch hearts in first-ever Montana competition

Ciara Pares Kempf,

The handsome black horse plucked a red flower from the sand, fumbled it in his velvety lips, then held it out to the woman in a matching red dress.

No, it wasn’t a scene from a Disney movie, instead it was their final performance in the 2022 Montana Mustang TIP Challenge in Missoula August 26. The woman was trainer Hannah Catalino of Whitehall, and the horse a mustang named Tavo. Only about 100 days had passed since he’d arrived at her ranch, a wild, untouched mustang from Idaho, yet that day he wore no halter or bridle as he walked, trotted and twirled in step beside her.

Hannah Catalino and Tavo collect their awards after competing in Montana’s first TIP Challenge, an event where trainers show off the skills they have taught wild mustangs after 100 days of training.

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

Montana’s first TIP Challenge invited trainers to take wild horses from untouched to safely handled within 100 days. The show, held at the Big Sky Horse Park, featured 16 trainers from youth to

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