Wild defenseman Carson Soucy has endured a longer shutdown than most

When the NHL halted the 2019-20 season on March 12 amid the coronavirus pandemic, Soucy already had spent nearly a month away from the team as he recovered from a wrist injury.

Needless to say the timing of everything couldn’t have been much worse.

“I think I was cleared to skate the day after we all got shut down,” Soucy said. “I was just gearing up to get back on the ice and then this whole thing happens and I’m not allowed to skate for another few months.”

That made his return to TRIA Rink that much sweeter last week. He spent most of the self-quarantine period in his hometown of Irma, Alta., and returned to the Twin Cities about a week ago as the NHL has started to allow small group workouts.

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“Just to be skating back in Minnesota with a couple of guys, it made it feel more real,” Soucy said. “It made it feel like playoffs are coming.”

That’s his main focus as he preps for training camp — which is supposed to open on July 10 — and what he hopes is the

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