WILCOX: Leftist Elites: Illegal Aliens For Thee, Not For Me

The epitome of vapid, elite leftism was on display in the nation’s capital earlier this month when Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser complained that illegal aliens being bussed from Texas are overwhelming her city, and that Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may have “tricked” them into coming to the nation’s capital.

Since earlier this year, Abbott and Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have been bussing illegal aliens imported into the country by the Biden administration to Washington, D.C., so the powers that be can get a first-hand look at the crisis they’ve created. Sanctuary city mayors like Bowser have been coldly indifferent to the suffering of border states as they endured the consequences of Biden’s disastrous immigration agenda. Now that a small amount of that burden has landed in their fiefdoms, they are livid.

“This is a very significant issue. We have for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses,” Bowser said.

Bowser’s notion that Abbott is tricking illegal aliens into coming to D.C. is, of course, absurd. If it were up to Abbott and Texas, these aliens would never be allowed in the country to begin

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