Why You May Be Cutting Your Own Montana Christmas Tree This Year

Short answer: supply chain issues. What has become one of the most common phrases in the 2nd half of 2021 is now one of the big reasons you may have trouble finding a tree this year. Fake, or real. Here’s why…

Credit Jayshiao Getty/ThinkStockMost Americans have fake trees.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, 79 million of us will put up a tree for the holidays. They say that 80% of those trees will be artificial and the majority of fake trees are manufactured in Asia. There are probably thousands of them stuck on those giant ships. A quick search found a USA manufacturer of what appear to be very realistic-looking fake trees. Expect to shell out from $249 to over $2,000 for one of their beauties.

Stockphoto24Expect to pay more for a real tree in 2021.

The American Christmas Tree Association wrote in September that consumers can expect to pay 20-30% more for a real tree, due to rising production costs. They said that extreme forest fire activity in the Pacific Northwest this summer will also affect the Christmas tree supply. The trade group added there is no need to panic. Most of us should still be able to find a tree – either real or fake – but they

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