Why Would Mommy Lie?


Posted: Oct 12, 2021 12:01 AM

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To keep toddlers happy, we throw pennies at a wall and keep score in their heads. Then we try nickels. Once we had to quit and Fletcher, a little towhead, cried, “I learned to count by fives for nothing.”

Pitching coins is more productive than throwing money at some government programs. Some increase inequality, or cause bigger forest fires, and the feedback loop from effectiveness to budgeting has been broken for generations. 

When all the coins in my purse are thrown, we play a game to pick up coins – fast! Effective parents pick up toys that way at bedtime. Congress seldom picks up after itself; politicians leave the debt for the next generation. They beg us for more money when they have misspent the taxes we have already paid. Congress promises to tax more fairly this time, and promise you won’t have to pay — the other guy will. Then everyone pays in inflation or corporate, income, mileage and sales taxes, or

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