Why Was Biden Spying on the Trump Team?

We have now had time to digest the news of senior Obama political appointees — including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — spying on President Donald Trump’s 2017 incoming national security advisor, Michael Flynn. It has been weeks since the news broke, but we have few answers as to what actually happened — and very few questions have even been asked.

Here’s what we know: Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid an opposition research firm to dig up dirt on Trump. The firm, Fusion GPS, then contracted Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to look for dirt on Trump in Russia. The results of this investigation were compiled in a document — the “Steele dossier” — that was subsequently leaked to both the FBI and the press. The FBI used the information in this paid political opposition research as justification to spy on Trump campaign operatives. At some point along the way, the FBI realized most of the dossier’s allegations about Trump and Russia were unreliable, and some were even influenced by Russian intelligence agents. But the FBI hid this information from the foreign intelligence court so as not to endanger their ability to spy on Trump’s team.

Even after Trump was elected

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